We are organizing some events in this winter semester 2022!

Following events are aimed specifically at first-semester students (also for master’s students who are in their first semester at the University of Vienna):


We are organizing the “Erstsemestrigenwoche” (shortened called “Erstiwoche”)! Here we will plan smaller activities for you studies beginners, where you can have fun and befriend with each other. 😉
There’s no fixed schedule for now, but the events will probably happen in the 2nd week of October (10th – 16th).
Hope to see you soon!


Besides of the “Erstiwoche”, we are also organizing the “Erstsemestrigenseminar” (shortened called “Erstiseminar”)! We will drive with you studies beginners from October 21st to 23rd to the “BOKU Lehrforst” in Forchtenstein. There, we will organize various workshops, where we share you information and tips about studying and other stuff. Of course, it’s also a great opportunity to network, play games or just have fun.
You can register for it at the beginning of October via the e-mail or if you visit us at our “Kammerl”!
The participation costs 20€ per person, all inclusive.
Both bachelor’s and master’s first semester students are welcome!
Deadline for registration is October 17th, 2022 😉

The following events take place for every (geography) student:


The “Geostammtisch” takes place every third Wednesday of the month from 8 p.m. at Cafe Kreuzberg (Neustiftgasse 103, 1070 Vienna)! Be there!

(except at the time when there are no couses at university (vacation time) or on public holidays, there may be different dates for it)